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Twittersheep Profile for MaverickOnline

I like to think I’m a pretty typical Twitter user.  I follow 343 people, have 120 followers and have sent 170 tweets since I joined about 6 months ago.  I’m even listed by three people…whatever that means?

Up until now I’ve used Twitter as a marketing tool, but also as a search engine.  When I want to search facts, I go to Google or Wikipedia.  When I want rumor, innuendo, and gossip I search Twitter.

Today I heard about this new application called Twittersheep that can read all of the bio’s for all of your Twitter followers, extract the most used words, and display them in a cloud.  Mine is in the photo.  It’s free and its not complex, simply enter your Twitter handle and wait a few seconds.

I found out that the number one word my followers use in their profiles is MARKETING!

One of the untold benefits of social media marketing is the number of analytical tools that are built-in.  WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other sites can tell you a lot about the visitors you are attracting.  This is information you can use to buy better mailing and email lists, create better designs, capitalize on timing, and deliver offers that are compelling to your recipients.

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