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If you’re wondering why Facebook should be part of your marketing strategy, here’s a few compelling reasons:

  • 400 million people visit the site each month. Half as many go there every day.
  • 48% of users check the site from bed every night.
  • On the business front, Facebook’s ad business is booming thanks to virtual game studios busily acquiring new users and brands marketing their Facebook pages (which let brands spam customers like they use to with email).
  • There’s also “Pay With Facebook” which gives Facebook a 30% cut of the ridiculously fast growing virtual goods market on Facebook AND could end up as a one-click payment option across the Internet.
  • Facebook is cash-flow positive.
  • According to TBI Research, Facebook revenues are on-pace to exceed $1 Billion this year
  • Facebook is privately held, but Private Equity Data Center says their best guess on Facebook’s internal valuation is somewhere around $35 Billion

That’s a lot of inertia!  But what are Facebook’s plans for the future?  Well, Silicon Alley Insider is reporting that starting with something as innocuous as a “like” button, they may be trying to take over the entire Internet.