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We’ve reorganized our site to reduce the clutter and put more focus on insightful content.  Hopefully you find it informative and and come back to visit regularly.  Our goal was to deliver everything in a clean format that’s easy to digest.  In addition to our new design, we’ve added other key features.  We now have a registration widget so you can sign up for our email newsletter and other promotions.  Also, the site automatically converts to a mobile version for smartphone users.

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Present your solution front and center on your web site's home page.

Do you want your website to help build awareness of your brand, generate leads, and help you close more business?  Who doesn’t, right?

I’ve worked with several “marketing communications companies” (what a lot of printers call themselves these days) who want to sell solutions to their clients.  I’m still amazed when I ask what they mean by “solution” and I get the deer-in-the-headlights look, followed by an overly complex answer.

Simply put, a solution is a unique combination of the products and services offered by your firm.  The best way to determine what solutions your customers will buy is to uncover their needs using a consultative sales process.


Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are reporting that Twitter will begin rolling out advertising today. The service, called Promoted Tweets will allow advertisers to put their paid tweets at the top of Twitter search results. Initial advertisers will include Best Buy, Virgin Atlantic, and Starbucks, among others.

People use Twitter in several ways. Like face-to-face social interactions, many users start by listening or “following” people and organizations that are of interest. From there, users often join the conversation by sending their own messages or “tweets.”


Want to learn more about QR codes?  Here’s a great tutorial including a video from CBS “Early Show” contributor and CNET Senior Editor Natali Del Conte.

The CBS Early Show plans to begin showing QR codes on screen during their broadcasts so their audience can scan and learn more about the stories they see on TV.  You want interactive television?  You got it.

You can use this same technology to create interactive print and promotional marketing collateral.  Want to learn more? CONTACT US