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Today I reposted one of my earlier articles on QR Codes and received a great comment on Facebook from Jeff Marmer, a Realtor located in Cincinnati, OH.  Jeff has placed signs with QR codes printed on them at each of his property listings.  According to Jeff, signs with the QR code are “the next generation “flyer box” that never goes empty.”

Jeff has taken a very innovative approach to marketing.  Applications like these are driving user adoption and demonstrating the value of  interactive mobile marketing. If you want to leverage this kind of technology in your business CONTACT US TODAY!

It’s January 1 (good riddance, 2010!) and most people are still recovering from last night’s festivities.  I’ve spent some time reflecting on the year in interactive marketing and came up with the following list of brand-building resolutions for 2011:

1)      Create more valuable content and leverage other people’s content

2)      Improve conversion rates by improving the design of web sites

3)      Find world-class strategic vendor-partners and leverage their resources

4)      Find resale partners who know our audience and give them tools to sell our products

5)      Evaluate new technology as it emerges

6)      Invest more time and resources on social media

7)      Utilize web video. It’s a cheap and fast way to deliver the message.

8)      Automate whenever and wherever possible

9)      Focus on solutions – not products and services

10)   Entertain, educate and inspire

What are your resolutions for this New Year? Share in the comments below.

We’re seeing new examples of interactive mobile marketing every day.  Check out these great examples of consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, retailers, and publishers using these tools in their packaging and print advertising.

Applications like these are driving adoption of interactive mobile marketing campaigns.  Need help implementing these kinds of campaigns for your business?  CONTACT US TODAY!

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner using a QR code linking their packaging to a video that explains how to use the product.

A jewelry store uses text marketing as the call to action for their current contest.


Maxim Magazine links its Facebook page to a Scanlife 2D bar code.

The First Twitter Ad in Our Stream

A while back we reported that Twitter planned to roll out paid advertising.  Since then, they’ve quietly grown their workforce from 140 to 300 people with most of the new additions in sales.  Yesterday, AdAge reported and Twitter confirmed that advertising would begin with users of HootSuite, a growing third-party Twitter client.  According to AdAge, “Marketers have already been able to buy what is called a Promoted Tweet that appears at the top of searches on But this new kind of paid ad would appear in a user’s Twitter stream regardless of whether they follow that advertiser or search for anything on Twitter.”

HootSuite has over 900,000 users and will get a share of the revenue.  “We look forward to working with Twitter to roll this program out and carefully gauge people’s reactions,” HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes said. “With Twitter’s commitment to quality user experience and ad relevance, we’re confident these new types of tweets will be enjoyed by both users and advertisers.”

As marketers, we see some value in delivering targeted ads in user’s Twitter streams.  As HootSuite users we’re not so sure.  We just received our first ad and at first glance don’t find it particularly enjoyable or relevant.  What’s your take?  Do you see this as a new opportunity to market your product or service?  Or, has Twitter dropped the ball?

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