5 in 5 Interviews

Check out our latest 5 minute interviews with local business leaders.

5 in 5 Interview with Steve Pickens – August 25, 2009
A brief interview (less than 5 minutes) with Steve Pickens, Marketing Guru and President of D4Demand, Inc. Steve was kind enough to help me launch my first B2C e-commerce website in less than 1 week. We discuss the building and marketing of this site. Please visit the site at http://www.BeHeardNotHerded.com

5 in 5 Interview with Thomas Ketterer – August 30, 2009
A 5 minute interview with Thomas Ketterer from the Ketterer Company. Tom is a 4th generation promotional product genius! His experience and insight into this industry are valuable to any marketing professional. Learn more about the Ketterer Company at http://www.GetLogoStuff.com