Twitter to Roll Out Advertising

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are reporting that Twitter will begin rolling out advertising today. The service, called Promoted Tweets will allow advertisers to put their paid tweets at the top of Twitter search results. Initial advertisers will include Best Buy, Virgin Atlantic, and Starbucks, among others.

People use Twitter in several ways. Like face-to-face social interactions, many users start by listening or “following” people and organizations that are of interest. From there, users often join the conversation by sending their own messages or “tweets.”

Because Twitter is mobile – more users send tweets from cell or smart phones than from their PC – the information on Twitter is often more current (though not necessarily more accurate) that what is available elsewhere. The ability to get real-time information can make the search tools Twitter offers very valuable. Say you want to know more about a football coach that is rumored to be considering another job. Search the coach’s name on Twitter and you’ll get more rumor and innuendo faster than ever possible with forums, fan or sports web pages.

In addition to content, Twitter also allows you to search by location.  Geo-coding is built-in.  This is great tool if you want to find other Twitter users in your area or limit your search to a specific location.  For instance, you might search this way if you are in Chicago and want to find out what Chinese restaurants other Twitter users recommend.

Up until now, the search results were based on content.  Using Promoted Tweets, advertisers will be able to select keywords and push their tweets to the top of search results.  While this may be good for advertisers, some Twitter users are less than enthusiastic.  But, with a ton of venture capital invested and a valuation of over $1 Billion, sooner or later Twitter has to start making money.

What does all of this mean for your business?  A recent study suggested that marketers will spend more money on social media than print advertising this year!  Want to learn more about social media and how to incorporate it into your marketing mix?  CONTACT US TODAY!


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