Creating Customer Evangelists

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The Old Mower Looking Brand New Again!

The weather has definitely taken a turn for the better here in Cincinnati. It’s sunny and the high temperature may reach 80 degrees today. The daffodils and many trees are in full bloom and the grass seems like it’s growing an inch a day.

Last week I fired up the old lawn mower for the first time in six months. It started, but not without a fight. It was obviously time for a spring tune-up.

I took my mower to Altaquip. In addition to their 50+ service centers around the country, they have drop off locations at each Home Depot store, and offer in-home pick up and delivery.

They called today to let me know my mower was ready for pick-up. When they brought it out, I could not believe it was the same piece of equipment. My eight year old mower looked brand new and fired up on the first pull. Amazing!

It had been so long since I’d had it tuned up, I needed to ask a few questions. The staff at the location in Cincinnati couldn’t have been more helpful. I was introduced to the lead technician who explained exactly what had been done and answered every question. They were friendly and very courteous.

That experience got me thinking about how easy it is to take great customer service for granted. You know the old adage: provide great service and your customer might tell one person, provide poor service and your customer might tell ten people.

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and all of the other social media tools available today probably compound that factor by 10 times or more. If you provide poor service your customer might be sharing their story with several hundred people! But what about great customer service? How do you get satisfied customers to evangelize on your behalf?

It’s probably delusional to think you can control what is said about your product or service online, but you can drive activity by encouraging others to talk about you. Be proactive! First, you’ve got to ask for help. When customers buy, ask them to share their experience online. Second, be visible online and give them easy ways to interact with you. Finally, be prepared to take the bad with good. Nobody’s perfect, but if your service is a strength, you’ll get more positive feedback than negative.

Want to learn more about how to utilize social media to create customer evangelists? CONTACT US


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